“Your coaching was an amazing experience.” –Nancy

“The exercise of writing down what is important to you and then prioritizing them is a very powerful exercise. It helped me focus on what it is that I truly wanted to work on and then develop the steps to move forward with what I wanted to achieve.Pandora is a very safe guide to have walk with you through the process.” –L.E.

“Finding Pandora was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. In the short time we worked together, she not only helped me redefine my vision of success, she helped me get started on achieving it. Things are going very well for me right now. I graduated from the school (top in my program). I was baptized at my church (my whole family attended). I made a lot of new friends at church and even my dad and sister attend some services with me. I’ve gone on a total health detox. Physically this is the best I’ve felt. I cook my own meals for more often now (I’m even eating quinoa). I’ve paid off all my credit cards so I am 100% debt free now.

The most exciting part is about my business. I now know my calling. I’ve been telling my mom about everything and she said, ‘This is exactly what you were meant to do.’ I am utterly thrilled how pieces are coming together and how things are working out.

I feel beyond confident in what I am doing and know that I’m on the right path. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done. I wake up now with a sense of purpose and a feeling of joy every day. It’s a great feeling!!” –Kellie


“Pandora is an effective and insightful coach. My sessions with her helped provide me with clarity for making a career change and the steps to take toward that transition. Pandora guided me in identifying my unique core values and ideals to create an action plan for a more fulfilling career and life. Her coaching style offers purpose and structure while allowing for flexibility and creativity in the process. I recommend her to anyone seeking to make authentic, positive change.” –Lisa

“It was in a pivotal time in my life and I was under a lot of stress. I had been to therapists and counselors in the past that had helped in different areas in my life and was wondering what a Life coach could assist me with. I was hesitant. I had met with Pandora and was amazed at her different approach to life’s issues. She was extremely knowledgeable and her insight was right on target. My life has changed direction and is improving everyday and I thank her. I will definitely be setting up future appointments and looking forward to working with her again. Thank you from a grateful client.” –Kim