Why do I need a therapist who is also a divorce coach?

I have a lawyer, so why do I need a coach too?  Your lawyer is your advocate in the court system.  The lawyer is representing your needs and priorities within the confines of the legal system. My job is to develop a concrete understanding of what your needs and priorities are, so that you can effectively communicate with your lawyer.  Time with your lawyer is valuable, so I prepare you to make use of your lawyer’s time in the most efficient manner.

Organize Your Thoughts. I listen carefully between the lines, to assimilate your thoughts, ideas and goals.  I organized your scattered thoughts, vague ideas, and aspirations so they become concrete concepts that you can commit to.

Get Your Finances in Order. Although divorce feels like an emotional process, you can’t lose sight of the importance of the division of assets and income distribution.  I help you to integrate your emotions with your thinking brain to enable you to make good decisions and clarify goals. I make sure you have an understanding of your finances and plan for financial security to set you up to thrive when it’s over.

Manage Your Relationships. We are all hard-wired for connection and divorce can be lonely.  Families who face divorce may have very complex family dynamics. We can work on breaking unhealthy relationship patterns to open opportunities for healthy relationships going forward. Find peace and harmony with those around you.

Heal the Damage. We’re you in a toxic relationship? Do you suspect your ex has narcissistic personality disorder or another issue that you just can’t understand? I will help you gain insight into why and how this happened to you and focus on the steps to healing.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Together we develop a strategic plan to get you where you want to go.  We break it down into manageable steps.

Get the Support you Need! Navigating through a divorce and rebuilding a life after divorce is one of the most challenging transitions anyone can face.  Getting the support you need, gaining perspective, protecting yourself and your children requires strength and commitment.  Getting the support you need at a crucial time can ensure a better outcome, save money on lawyer fees and reduce the pain of transition and the fear of the unknown.

Manage Stress. Divorce is stressful! Stress hormones inhibit your immune system and leave you susceptible to disease. Learn to manage the most stressful moments and maintain stress reducing activities through a difficult time.

Make Decisions. In a divorce, you are inundated with one decision after another. Your lawyer needs to know what you want most out of your divorce, so YOU need to know what you want.  Develop a framework within which to make difficult decisions.  Get a concrete understanding of your personal values so you stay true to your objectives throughout the process.

Design a New You! Uncover the hidden opportunity divorce brings. Look deeply into your gifts, talents and passions to find a joyful and meaningful life.